There are lots of ways that you can get involved and support All4Burma.  Below are just a few ideas and you can e-mail with any other ideas or offers of support.



The most important thing you can do for Burma is to pray.  Here are a few ideas on what to pray for:

• That God's love would shine into the hearts of His people in Burma
• For successful peace talks to bring meaningful peace to the ethnic states of Burma
• That the words of the Gov’t and the actions of the military might actually begin to match one another

• For successful peace talks to bring meaningful peace to the ethnic states of Burma
• That Aung San Suu Kyi will start to really stand up against the atrocities against ethnic minorities
• That the Thai Gov’t will not force refugees back to Burma before there is guaranteed safety in their home areas
• That the Gov’t will start to open up education to all
• That healthcare systems will be developed
• Protection for the FBR and other volunteers who go inside to take food, medicine and shelter to those whose villages and lives have been destroyed by military attacks
• That humanitarian aid agencies will be allowed to work properly within the country and be free to travel to where they are really needed
• That soldiers will stop raping women and children and using people as forced labour to be human mine sweepers and porters
• That the pillaging & destroying of villages will cease and that land mines will no longer be laid
• That companies will not be allowed to exploit the natural resources of the country leaving its people in poverty
• That the people of Burma will be able to return to their country and live in peace and prosperity


​Raise Funds

Here are a few ideas for raising money:
• Collect your change in a pot - it all adds up!
• Put aside £1.50 (the cost of a cup of coffee) a week
• Sell unwanted items on e-bay and save a proportion of your profit
• Sell unwanted books on Amazon and save a proportion of your profit
• Hold a coffee and chat event or a dinner party – sell the cakes or sell tickets for dinner!
• Do something, such as a run or walk for sponsorship - contact us for a form
• Don't give so many Christmas cards and donate what you would have spent
• Buy online through Top-Cashback and donate a proportion of your cashback
• Buy online through easyfundraising
• Search online through easysearch (each search through their link gives money to All4Burma)


Invite us to talk

Hi I'm Carol and I'm passionate about the people of Burma and with lots of photos can illustrate talks lasting from 30 - 90 minutes to suit your audience.  I am happy to talk to any size of audience.

I've visited the refugees and worked with them on five different occasions so I have lots of stories to share.  The talks also cover some of the history of Burma and explain a little of why the current situation has come about and how the recent changes are impacting the country and its people.

I also now have a second talk on my experiences visiting Refugee Camps with some delightful tales and pictures.

I speak regularly to groups of all sizes. In the past I have spoken to Women's Institute meetings, Probus, Rotary, Round Table, Inner Wheel, 50+, church and local community groups.

To book a date or find out more contact me through our contact page, ring on 07970 188079 or e-mail


A huge THANK YOU to Karl who raised £470 in sponsorship for Ride London-Surrey 100 in 2014 - and in the pouring rain too!  You're a champ!