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A plea from one of our missionaries in Burma


We need your urgent prayers!


The Peace Process in Burma is VERY VERY fragile at this moment.  Some people are saying it can be broken and think it will not last much longer.


BUT we have a God that can do the IMPOSSIBLE and what might seem impossible to us - is POSSIBLE to HIM.


God hears our prayers, He wants our prayers and we really, really need to pray now for God to do a miracle.  


Please can I ask you to join in and pray for Peace in Burma.  Pray for the Peace Process - that it will be strengthened.  Pray that God will do the impossible in this fragile situation. Pray for hearts on all sides to want reconciliation and peace.  Pray for God's angels to cover Burma.


When I think about the villagers my heart aches because they deserve to live in peace.  They must not suffer anymore - over 60 years of civil war is more than enough.  Their children must not suffer any longer, let them be children, go to school, laugh, cry, play but not live in fear anymore.  My heart is breaking just thinking about them now…. if this Peace Process breaks. 


Please, please pray.  



Persecution of the Rohingya

Photo courtesy of PRAD 

In Arakan State the Muslim Rohingya are being severely persecuted.  Their homes have been destroyed and they are in makeshift refugee camps which have been declared by the UN as amongst the worst in the world. 


Now they are also in a dire state and food supplies are dangerously low.  We are running a special fund to get rice into them urgently both in Arakan State and in Bangladesh where more that 30,000 have fled to avoid persecution.

Homeless, stateless, and without a future these people are starving.  The UN do not have the Rohingya listed as official refugees and so they are also not being fed by the normal UN channels. 

NGO agencies such as the FBR and Partners have teams on the ground providing both food and medical aid. Through them we are supporting by providing money for food and shelter.  If you'd like to support this appeal then click the button below and reference your donation with Arakan. 


Watch this film to see what life is like for those who've had to flee from Burma into Bangladesh.

Shan State

Photo courtesy of FBR 

Kachin State

Man injured by Burma Army

Photo courtesy of FBR

Despite a peace agreement being instigated In Shan State there are regular skirmishes and attacks from the Burma Army.  There are also many reports of Burma Army abuses against women in this area. 

In April over 1000 people were caused to fell from their homes due to attacks from the Burma Army.

Please continue to pray or real peace in Shan State.

In Kachin State peace has not yet been agreed and there are sporadic but consistent attacks on villages.  Over 7000 people have lost their homes and are in an IDP camp.  The Burma Army are displacing people and pressurising them all the time.   In early 2013 there was two solid months of attacks and shelling of villages.

One lady who lives very close to the attacking Burma army told the FBR as she held her baby, “Yes I am afraid but if I leave what will our Kachin soldiers on the hill above us do? Who will feed them? Who will help them? How will they be encouraged? So as long as I can I will stay with my family here. Please pray for me and all of us, we need God’s help. We trust God.”

Please continue to pray for the Kachin and for peace in their state.

Chin State

Photo courtesy of PRAD

Karen State

Photo courtesy of PRAD

The poorest State in Burma and one where the Burmese Army are still taking villagers as forced labour. This separates families leaving children very vulnerable. 

Education in Chin State is dependant on being a Buddhist and whilst large amounts of funding are going into new 'acadamies' there is a huge amount of pressure on people to abandon their Christian faith.

Pray for these people that they may be allowed religious freedom and be allowed to live their lives in peace as families.

A peace agreement has been started in Karen State and appears to be progressing well.  Even so refugees are afraid to return home. However, many areas of Karen State still have not medical services or state education.  Much of the land is still highly dangerous because of landmines planted during the hostilities.  There is still considerable need and KSEAG are providing education supplies and in areas where it seems safe new farms are being created to help people develop sustainable food production. 


We are now supporting one village to become sustainable and have recently put in pipes to provide fresh water supplies.

See our projects page for more information on the Naing Bya Project.









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