• Rice stores inside Karen state

  • Micro-financing project to help people start to set up their own businesses

  • Support for the Rohingya people in Arakan State

  • Support to rebuild the Mae La Bible School which burnt down in April 2012

  • Support for a dormitory of teenagers in Mae Ra Moe Refugee Camp

  • Emergency aid for Karen, Shan and Kachin people displaced because of military action

  • Support for Missionaries

  • Funding to support teachers inside Karen State

  • Funding to provide a Village Radio System to protect villages from attack

  • Emergency Relief for Shan State

  • Funding for hygiene packs for dormitory students in Mae Ra Moe refugee camp

  • Funding to provide repairs to dormitories in Mae Ra Moe refugee camp

  • Food for children’s home in Thailand for Shan refugee children

  • Support to the Jungle School - deep in the heart of Karen State


We will continue to support emergencies as they arise, where

we can guarantee the support getting to the people in need.

Photo by K'Chay coutesy of PRAD





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