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We are delighted to be working with Chrestos Mission to support ophans at the Home of Peace and Joy.  If you would like to help us support these lovely young people get shelter and education please contact us.

Kya Ka Wa Village has a new tractor!

Students training in farming methods.

(Photo courtesy of Partners Relief and Development)


Naing Bya Village Project


We have now started working with a village in Burma.  The 45 families who live in Naing Bya now have  fresh water supplies thanks to the efforts of our partner team last February.  However, the village has no school, no health clinic and no church.


We are partnering with Mission Mercy - a local organistion, so that we can guarantee the money is going where we want it to go and is being used for the purposes only of the people who need it.


Our commitment is to help this village to become sustainable and a place where children can get a good education, everyone can be fed and they can live in peace and grow in the Gospel. At the request of the village the next step is to support them in repairing their homes and developing health care.  However, we have also just provided the finance for every household to have a chicken and for a few pigs to be made a communal resource.


If we can first help people to physically survive then we can also feed them spiritually so that they truly have full, free lives again. 














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Unfortunately, even with piped water, homes on higher levels don't receive water all day so to further develop the water situation in Naing Bya and in the neighbouring village of Klaw Hser, we worked with Kelly Barnes to raise £4000 to enable the installation of 4 water tanks.  Following on from this we are now raising funds to pipe water into further villages.   Please consider supporting us with this project.
Last year we funded the purchase of this tractor to help the people of Kya Ka Wa village plough their land ready for planting a crop of SRI rice - a fast and strong producing rice to feed the whole village and as you can see from the picture on the left the tractor is put to good use when it is not plowing too!

To receive regular updates on the village and the fundraising progress please contact info@all4burma.org.uk or use our contact page.

We support these students in a Jungle School deep into Karen State.  Many of the youngsters have no other opportunity to gain any education and have lost at least one parent in the fighting happening around the in their villages.  





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